Keeping you safe during this time

To our Skinny Fizz community! We hope that you are keeping well and safe during these unprecedented times. We thought it would be good to share what we’ve been doing to prioritise your safety.

We have been hard at work to continue to ensure Skinny Fizz, our suppliers and delivery services comply with all Government regulations, while also adhering to our own safety policies and procedures.

Continual monitoring of the situation is a big part of our process. Should things change, we will take whatever actions are necessary, including stopping supply.

We look forward to our cafe/restaurant stockist customers coming back strong soon!  But you can get Skinny Fizz on our online store and at New Worlds - Thorndon, Newtown and Metro Willis, Petone PAKnSAVE, and all Farro Fresh stores in Auckland.  

#ShopNormal, #ShopSafe and #BeKind!
Kia kaha NZ 💪🏼