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How Being Optimally Hydrated Will Change Your Entire Life (almost)

We're here to keep it real. Shine a light on the good stuff, cut through the fake and give you some info you can use. We've waded through a heap of s!#t out there, to find you the gems of truth. In this blog, you'll learn a little more about your humble mate, Water. 

If there's one hot tip we swear by: Check yourself before you dehydrate yourself.

Humans are basically like plants with more feelings and kinetic energy. Did you know that drinking water first thing in the morning is absolute boss bitch behaviour? Here’s the science behind why you want to live your best-hydrated life.

3 Reasons Why Water Is QUEEN 👑

ONE - Stay on top of your game

Your immune system doesn’t just want a good lymphatic system. It needs your lymphatic network to be hydrated, flowing and functional. Why? The lymphatic system is your body’s plumbing. It helps protect your body from gross stuff like bad bacteria, viruses, and even fungi and parasites. It’s a good time when your lymphatic system is having a good time.

And damn, it’s a thirsty system. But give it that fresh aqua and you’ll be good to go. 

Sore joints? H2O’s got your back. Did you know, about 80% of your joint cartilage is water? Keep your joints well oiled with water, and make aging a smoother journey. Keep your vivacious energy alive over the years! 

Aqua is a key preventative solution for longevity and stunning golden years. Yes, you can be that 80 year old still dancing like there’s no one watching. Shout out to your younger self for hydrating you real good. Say no thank you to kidney stones, heat stroke and heart problems - sustain that cardiovascular cuteness with water. Hydration makes it easier to pump blood. Dehydration means your heart is under strain and needs to work harder to function. It makes total sense to give your heart the best circulation conditions, because baby, your beautiful body deserves the best. 

TWO - Flourishing flow states & mental clarity 

Headache? Hydration eases migraines and headaches. This is a bit grim, but… did you know that when you’re dehydrated your brain actually shrinks and pulls away from your skull? This is extremely damaging and gets pretty painful. So yeah, a beautiful tall glass of water can literally keep your brain juices going. 

Mental health: Water is obviously not the only answer, but it definitely helps. Studies show that dehydrated people have a higher risk of anxiety and depression. It’s not fun to talk about these things, but we know that it’s important to face these very real issues.

Pro tip: A quick and sustainable way to boost energy and say goodbye to fatigue (on top of a good night’s sleep) is to stay optimally hydrated. 💖

THREE - Feel great inside and out - Hydration is cool

These are all the things that water offers your body.

✨ Glowing skin - your skin is the largest organ of your body, and like all parts of you, it loves wai. 
💪 Stronger hair - dehydration accelerates hair loss. Hydration is good for you. It’s that easy. 
💅🏾 Fabulous nails - water can be the difference between fragile and FABULOUS nails. 
❤️ Healthy metabolism - drinking water increases your body’s ability to turn food into energy. 
🧠 Peaceful mind - keep your fantastic thoughts flowing. Hydration pumps up neurological wellbeing.

What's The Best Amount of Water For Me?

Great question - the first step is to listen to your body. If you’re thirsty, it’s already too late. Grab that glass. Bring out your reusable water bottle. Crack open that gorgeous real fruit sparkling water. Healthy fizzy drinks like Skinny Fizz are a great way to make drinking water a refreshing and fruity daily experience. 

Menstruators - when you’re on your period, be sure to replenish your lost liquids with water. It might sound obvious, but sometimes there’s so much going on that you can forget the basics. You can help take those cramps down a notch by keeping yourself hydrated.

Oldies - did you know that your thirst centre (the hypothalamus - say that three times fast) is not as sensitive as it once was? Be mindful of your hydration and make you’re drinking water habitually. Don’t wait till you’re thirsty to drink water, seize the moment!

Hedonists - it’s hot to moderate your alcohol and caffeine intake. 😍 They’re dehydrating diuretics (makes you pee more). Great in small doses, deadly in big ones. Make water your go-to drink, and stay healthy from the inside out. Balance is boss.

When To Drink Water? 

It’s a great way to kickstart your day. A good rule of thumb for adults is about 1.5-2L a day, which is about a glass an hour. And give yourself more if you’re doing heaps of exciting and sweaty activities like basketball, or hardcore yoga (yes yoga can get pretty hardcore, believe it or not). Fun fact: Skinny Fizz’s director Shawn Beck enjoys a bit of rambo gardening. 🔥

Remember to top yourself up. Get attached to your reusable drink bottle. Have a splash of sparkling raspberry water. And if you need a wee reminder, pop a post-it on your desk: Hydrate 💧

MYTH: “You shouldn’t drink water with meals, it dilutes your stomach acids” 

Being hydrated actually helps your body digest better. Your digestive system is designed to recalibrate and produce the acid it needs to break down food. Stressing about drinking water and leaving yourself dehydrated is not a vibe. Staying optimally hydrated is the dream you can live in real life. 

We can’t emphasise this enough - Listen. To. Your. Body. If it’s thirsty, drink water.

Hope this little bit of the real deal on hydration helps you go forth and live your best fizzin' lives 😘💦

The Skinny Fizz Fam


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