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Daringly Naked

No sweetness,
just refreshingly real.

Sparkling water and a splash of New Zealand fruit – that's it! Just two ingredients go into every can of Skinny Fizz, and we think our 'skinny' flavour profile hits the spot.

Made with local fruit extract, it's 100% real – no sweeteners or other additives, just naked in all it's fruit glory!

With around 0.2g of sugars and around 5 cals, Skinny Fizz is a guilt free alternative to sugary beverages, or if you're just wanting an upgrade from the tap.

Skinny As Can Be

Our packaging is 
100% recyclable.

We source everything locally in NZ. Cans are lighter to transport and we use shared spaces and existing infrastructure. All of which means reduced CO2 emissions.

Our packaging is 100% recyclable and we've reduced materials wherever we can.

We've also partnered with CarbonClick to help offset our footprint, all so we can be as 'skinny' as can be on the environment.

Share The Love

Share the love,
share a Skinny Fizz.

Whether it's love for this earth, yourself or those around you - we think the world needs more. Share some Skinny Fizz and share the love.

You have shown us so much love since we've started, and we enjoy giving back. If you have an awesome idea and want to partner with us and collaborate, don't hesitate to get in touch!


Our Roots

Inspired and made right here in our own backyard.

Whether you're bored with water, or wanting a not-so-sugary beverage, we created Skinny Fizz as a refreshing, real and convenient alternative.

Imagined in Wellington in 2018, crafted in Aotearoa, we are proudly New Zealand made, owned and operated.

Our Team

We share one goal - being a force for good. For our beautiful planet and people, as well as for your tastebuds :).

Team member

Shawn Beck

Director, Founder

Team member

Stella Beck

Marketing Executive

Team member

Nathan Blundell

Brand Manager

Team member

Katie Daly

Promotions Manager

Team member

Nigel Wong

Marketing Manager