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Made with two real 

Triple-filtered sparkling water
with a splash of homegrown
New Zealand Fruit. That's it! 

Just two ingredients go into every can of Skinny Fizz. Keeping things 'skinny' means less ingredients, less sugar and less sweetness - just like a drink you'd make at home! 


We are here to provide refreshment in the Skinniest way possible.
Here's a bit more about why we are so passionate about what we do! 

We dare to go bare

No sweetness,
just refreshingly real.

Made with local fruit extract, it's 100% real – no sweeteners or other additives, just naked in all it's fruit glory!

With around 0.2 grams of sugar and 5 calories per serving, Skinny Fizz is a guilt free alternative to sugary beverages and fizzy drinks, or if you're just wanting an upgrade from the tap.

To be as
Skinny as can be

Our packaging is 
100% recyclable.

We source everything locally in NZ. Cans are lighter to transport and we use shared spaces and existing infrastructure. All of which means reduced CO2 emissions.

Our packaging is 100% recyclable and we've reduced materials wherever we can.

We've also partnered with CarbonClick to help offset our footprint, all so we can be as 'skinny' as can be on the environment.

Share the love

Share the love by
sharing a Skinny Fizz.

Whether it's love for this earth, yourself or those around you – we think the world needs more. Share some Skinny Fizz and share the love.

You have shown us so much love since we've started, and we enjoy giving back. If you have an awesome idea and want to partner with us and collaborate, don't hesitate to get in touch!

Our Team

We share one goal, being a force for good, for our beautiful planet and people, as well as for your tastebuds :)

Founder, Director

Shawn Beck

Director, Founder

Marketing Executive

Stella Beck

Marketing Executive

Brand Manager

Nathan Blundell

Brand Manager

Promotions Manager

Katie Daly

Promotions Manager

Marketing Manager

Nigel Wong

Marketing Manager

Our Story

While on a bucket list roadie across the American West, Shawn Beck was drinking his zillionth Pamplemousse La Croix. He thought, ‘we can do this’ – but using our great New Zealand fruit and not so much processing. In late-2017 he set about finding supplies of unconcentrated New Zealand fruit extracts and putting together all the business components to make & deliver an affordable sparkling water. Conveniently, all of this fitted with his overarching desire to create a company that would be a ‘force for good’ - being good to our bodies, good to our environment, good to our people.

What eventuated was Skinny Fizz. A real drink, with just 2 ingredients. Refreshment in the skinniest way possible. Sparkling water with a splash of NZ fruit, that’s it. No nasties, no mystery ingredients, and 100% New Zealand Made. All wrapped up in packaging that is actually recycled in Aotearoa. A business that is convenient but sustainable, affordable but ethical, sticking it to the ‘big guys’ - and proud to partner with organisations that are changing kiwi’s lives for the better.

Look in any fridge, at any store, and the problem is clear to see. You’re forced into a trade-off between something horrendously sweet or an artificially sweetened drink. Maybe you’ve already given ‘sweet’ the boot altogether, but then what’s left? Old faithful - plain water?

Over the last decade, the demand for drinks with less sugar has been met with an obsession with the term ‘Zero’. Ironically the ‘all or nothing trend’ has given birth to ‘drinks’ with 10+ ingredients just to achieve 0 calories. We believe in minimalism, rather than madness to eliminate calories completely. The truth is, we don't want any more 'secret formulas' and we have a right to know exactly what we are consuming. If you want the cold hard numbers, all 3 of our drinks have just 2 ingredients and 0.2 grams of sugar (5 calories), all coming from the fruit. We think real fruit should be where you look to first for a fruit taste - anything else is a little fishy!

When creating Skinny Fizz as a product and business, we looked at what infrastructure we have to support the consumption of convenience goods here in Aotearoa. It turns out, that as well as being lighter to transport, aluminum cans are the most widely recycled product in NZ - with the lowest cost in energy to recycle them back to another usable form.

Skinny means less is more, that’s why we believe in keeping it simple and keeping it real. We also believe in being kind to the planet and its people, sourcing local ingredients, and producing/distributing responsibly. While we take a pretty hard line on things like ingredients and impact on the planet - we believe being kind goes the furthest. Whether it's love for this earth, yourself or those around you - we think the world needs more. Our mission to ‘Share the love’ means we are always trying to evoke positivity and continue to thoughtfully partner with causes that Kiwi’s believe in. We pay our employees ‘living wage and always have time to hear how we can help as a company. We currently support Diabetes New Zealand, Basketball New Zealand and CarbonClick, all exceptionally worthy organisations that are changing people’s lives and the planet for the better. Ultimately, as fellow Kiwis, we want to fizz for what you fizz for - that’s just how we roll.

So when you’re out and about and in need of refreshment, look out for us, ask for us – and if you can’t buy in-store – place an order on our online store and we’ll be flipping into your fridge in no time! Support local, support Skinny Fizz. Keep it real, keep it skinny! ‘Share the love’ with those around you, and this beautiful place we call home.