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Don't take our word for it - read some of the awesome reviews left by our customers on their experience with Skinny Fizz!

Skinny Fizz is the BEST! We used to drinks heaps of Coke Zero but now replace it with Skinny Fizz. Super refreshing and always fizzy because you get a fresh can every time!


I love how Skinny Fizz is locally made in New Zealand! I love that they care for the environment and I love that it's a refreshing sugar-free alternative to other fizzy drinks.


Skinny Fizz! Wow we used to drink Coke Zero to get our fizz fix. But now Skinny Fizz is the new way. So good and refreshing. Raspberry being my favourite. Actually, all flavours are seki!


Skinny Fizz is SUCH a great low sugar alternative to regular fizzy drinks. We have a four pack in our fridge each week so we can grab it when we're on the go or as a treat with dinner.


We used to drink wine or beer with dinner on week nights - not great for weight loss! So we replaced the alcohol with Skinny Fizz which has helped us smash our fitness goals!


Skinny Fizz is such a good low calorie alternative to other fizzy drinks in the supermarket. It's also nice to mix with gin as a lighter and sweetener-free alternative to diet tonic water!